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Historic trumpet players

Current players

Susan Slaughter, principal trumpet St. Louis Symphony for 40 years (1970 -- 2010). 

Laurie Frink (1951--2013) freelance trumpeter, NYC, featured on Broadway show albums and big band jazz albums

Marie Speziale, Associate principal trumpet, Cinncinnati Symphony (1964--1996)

Ingrid Jensen, jazz trumpet, flugelhorn, jazz band leader

Rebecca Coupe Franks, jazz trumpet, NYC

Alison Bolsom, International trumpet soloist 

Valaida Snow (1904 -- 1956) jazz trumpeter, band leader and composer

Jane Sager (c.1924 -- 2012) trumpeter, band leader and music educator based in California

Clora Bryant (1927 --    ) jazz trumpeter, honored by the IWBC; given Mary Lou Williams Women in Jazz Award at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., 2002

Carole Dawn Reinhart (1940 --   ), honored by the IWBC, American trumpet soloist and music educator based in Vienna.

These are only a few of the women who have excelled as trumpeters, past and present. You'll find more on the IWBC website. Add YOUR favorite female trumpeter to Susan's Comment Page!