Melba Liston More women trombone players

Historic trombone players

Current players

Dorothy Ziegler (1922 -- 1972) principal trombone St. Louis Symphony (1944 --  1964)

Betty O'Hara (b. 1920s -- d. 2000), honored by IWBC as pioneer brasswoman

Betty Glover, honored by IWBC as a pioneer

Yvonne Busch (1929 --   ), trombonist with International Sweethearts of Rhythm (1940s); longtime music educator in the New Orleans public schools, subject of film documentary: A Legend in the Classroom 

Monique Buzzarte, avant guard trombonist and activist, NYC

Angela Wellman, jazz trombonist, California

Audrey Morrison, classical and jazz trombonist, Chicago

Rebecca (Bower) Cheriah, co-principal trombone Pittsburgh Symphony

Abbie Conant, former principal trombone Munich Symphony, international trombone soloist and performance artist 

These are only a few of the women who have excelled as trombonists, past and present. You'll find many more on the IWBC website. Add YOUR favorite female trombonist to Susan's Comment Page!