DIVA & Mariachi Reyna More All-WIM BigBands & Mariachi Bands


Maiden Voyage (1979 --    )  Ann Patterson, saxophone-leader


Kit McClure Band, (1988 --    ) Kit McClure, saxophone-leader


For a list of HISTORIC All-Women Big Bands

See International Sweethearts of Rhythm  

Historic Mariachi Bands in the United States

Mariachi Las Generales de Los Angeles (1976 -- 1983)

Mariachi Estrella, Topeka, Kansas (1977 --         )  [originally all-female, now mixed gender]

Current Mariachi Bands in the United States

Mariachi Mujer 2000, led by pioneering mariachi violinist Laura Sobrino

Mariachi Femenil Orgullo Mexicano performs in the Bay Area in California

Mariachi Femenil Las Erendiras de San Antonio (1996 --    )

Mariachi Divas (based in California). See their website

Other Female Mariachi Pioneers

In addition to Rebecca Gonzales and Laura Sobrino, profiled in the main article, other early female mariachis include:

Barbara Perez-Diaz, who currently performs with Mariachi Monumental de America de Juan Reyes. Her daughter Carla, a violinist, and her son Juan, a trumpeter, play with their father's group Mariachi Azteca in San Jose, CA. [6]

Kate Woods played violin with Los Lupenos and later worked in many Bay Area venues. She no longer performs.

Mexican-American singer Linda Ronstadt recorded two albums, "Canciones di mi Padre" and "Mas Canciones" with mariachi bands.

These are some of the many all-women bands and mariachi performers. 

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