Toshiko Akiyoshi More women bandleaders and composers

Female jazz pianists, happily, are too numerous to list.

Here are a FEW of the notable women big band leaders and composers, past and present.


Ina Ray Hutton and her Melodears, 1930s-40s

Valaida Snow, various male bands, 1930s-40s

Lil Hardin, various male and female bands, 1930s -- 1960s


Ada Leonard and her All-American Girl band,  1940s

Ann Patterson, saxophonist-leader,

Maiden Voyage, all-woman band (1979 --  )

Maria Schneider, composer-leader,

Maria Schneider Big Band,

(1990s --  )

Sherrie Maricle, drummer-leader,

DIVA, all-woman big band, NYC, (1993 --     )

Kit McClure, saxophonist-leader, Kit McClure Band, all-woman big band, NYC  (1988 --      )

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